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Facebook Spark

See the Porsche Macan 'come to life'

For the introduction of the 2019 Porsche Macan S Superhero Cheesecake partnered with Cramer-Krasselt to create a one-of-its-kind Facebook Spark AR effect. Via the thrilling free Facebook effect users all over the US participated to see a Porsche Macan 'come to life' via coordinated Macan S OOH billboards and print magazine ads.

As well as seeing a high-resolution 3D Porsche Macan S users, using their cameras, could project their own faces right into the drivers seat and see how they’d look driving around in a Macan all their own!

In addition, users were able to fully customize their Macan using a bespoke Spark AR user interface, changing paint color and choosing from an assortment of wheels and rims. Finally, users were able to share their experience on all social networks via a downloadable and shareable video and image.

Social Content

Based on the original CAD files we've created multiple high quality still shots and video's to be used as social posts. All extremely product realistic up to and including the physics and the way the paint reflects the light.